Monday 11 July 2016

Butterflies day 1: Maths through art

We woke up this morning excited about the arrival of our caterpillars!


The first thing we did, even before getting dressed or eating breakfast was finding the hungry caterpillar puzzles!

Once we had eaten breakfast we started on our project.  This weekend I popped to town when I was child free and found, in The Works, these lovely butterfly masks...


This morning they started to colour them in. We talked about symmetry familiarizing the younger two with the word that they will find in their maths workbooks.

We then got the paint out and experimented with other ways of using art to create symmetrical butterfly shapes!  Just the simple old fashion method I remember from when I was small.  A folded piece of paper, paint on one side squish it together - the sort of craft that never loses its magic!

So much fun.

They used there feet to make a giant one too that is now on my kitchen door...

Then we found out that we don't get the butterflies today.  They are coming on Friday.  Something I had miss read no doubt - I can be ditzy at times.

Still we continued to have fun.  We made those carrot cakes inspired by Hugly and Friends book, and turned some into butterfly cupcakes.  If you click on the photo (after 8pm tonight) it will lead you to the recipe!


We are going to spend the next few days preparing for our caterpillars instead, so as promised I will continue blogging about butterflies over the next few days but no photos of caterpillars until Friday now!


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