Monday 13 August 2012

Make your own mini robot!

A mini motor fell through my door in the post this morning so after a very quick breakfast, Chiara, Naomi and I started on the invention of our very own miniature robot!

If you fancy making one of your own here's how we did it!

What you will need:

  • 3v motor
  • a AAA battery
  • electrical tape
  • superglue
  • pipe cleaners

What you'll need to do:

First you will need to use the electrical tape to attach the motor to the battery like this.  Ensure the negative end of the battery is near the motor like in the photo below.

With another piece of electrical tape stick down the open bit of black wire to the negative end of the battery like this...

Now to test it use another bit of electrical tape and stick the bare bit of red wire to the positive end of the battery and it should vibrate.

Now, with superglue, carefully attach pieces of pipe cleaners so they look like this...

This particular robot doesn't come with a switch so I left the positive end open like this to be stuck down when turning it on and then you have this...

Chiara says she's going to make one of her own and it can be her pet that she'll take out with her.  A cute idea with scientific value!  We enjoyed making this one, I hope you have fun with yours too!


  1. Very cool, we used these little motors a while ago to make bristle bots, they use the head of a tooth brush to move about on.
    Projects like this are a great way to teach kids about electricity,circuits and such like.

    1. They are really good fun aren't they and the kids don't need too much help which means they LOVE it! :) The toothbrush thing sounds fun too! I may have to go and get some more little motors soon! :)

    2. Do you have any old mobile phones ? they have to be ones that vibrate, you can find the motors in them (which you probably already know)

    3. My husband's old job used to be selling and fixing mobile phones, sometimes he'd have to replace the motors - I hadn't thought of using them until you said though. Unfortunately, I have no mobile phones ready to be taken apart. Brilliant idea though! Thanks for sharing it on here for others to use! Appreciated greatly Techno mole :D

  2. I love this! I've pinned it :)

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