Thursday 11 October 2012

Autumnal Collage idea

If you would like to know how we made our autumnal picture yesterday, here's how we did it...

First we painted the sun and then with very watery poster paint painted the sky and the grass. 

Then for texture we used thicker paint, in three different shades of green and using the end of the bristles of the paintbrush as a stamper, using a gentle stamping technique to make this kind of effect...

doing the same but gradually layering with other shades of green like this...

Until it looks more like this...

And then you have a picture like this...

Then for the gluing.  We used the cardboard out of the Muller yogurts packaging for one tree and used another piece of graze box packaging for a second tree.  We also used twigs and a leaf for the third tree.  It really is whatever looks good to you.  Add leaves and conkers or any other seeds you like that has a autumn theme and glue them on too. 

Don't forget to use this opportunity to talk about the names of the seeds or the different leaf shapes and why they are different shapes; why the leaves are changing colours; what the seeds will grow into; why the sun doesn't feel so hot any more; when you're at the stage of making the green you could use the blue and yellow mixed together and talk about how they make green and how to change the shade of green by adding more yellow or more blue.  You might think of other things to discuss while creating your materpiece.  Children are pretty good at asking questions from my experience.
Learning through art is always such a positive experience in my house and so much can be learnt while the children happily get messy.  My girls loved it.  I hope, if you try it, you do to.


  1. Cool idea, and a great use for all the falling leaves.

    1. Thanks Techno Mole :) They loved it. Big pictures are always so much more fun too :D