Thursday 14 February 2013

How to draw a face with the word boy!

Something my girls really enjoyed doing was drawing these faces.  If you want to try it here's how it's done. 
First write the word boy.  It is important to write it it out like this and make sure you space the letters out a bit.
Then add a dot inside the circle of the b and inside the o.

From the bottom of the y draw a curved line up to the bottom of the b to make the bottom of the face.

From the top right of the y to the top of the b make a groovy hair style.

Then from the top left of the y to the top of the b draw a hair line.
Then draw a nose and a mouth.
There are many different faces you can draw with this technique even girls...


Here are some my 5 year old Honi drew...
And Naomi drew her whole family...



  1. Aw, bless Honi's little spotty face! love the faces though xx

    1. They're fun aren't they.

      Honi's Chicken Pox is better today. I'm so pleased as she was so miserable with it. :) x