Tuesday 5 March 2013

Bean bag Maths!

Mickey Mouse slippers are optional!  Hee hee!

First you will need 2 bean bags.  If you don't have bean bags they are easy and fun to make, click here to see how we made ours.

Then make your stepping stones.

You can do anything with this, you can make them dinosaur shape, doll shape, vehicle shapes...  the list is endless, whatever your little one's love most really. 

This is how Honi chose to do hers...

They can be done like this too...


All you need to do is find dinosaur print outs like these and then write numbers on them.

How to play:

Game 1:

Shuffle the 'stepping stones' around like this.  Take 3 big steps away from them, beanbags in hand. 


Throw a bean bag on one stepping stone and the other on a different one.  If it lands on the same one don't panic they can add the same number twice, you could even introduce them to doubling numbers!  Play until they've had enough.  you can change the game to subtraction if you like too.
Game 2:
Ok, so this time you roll 1 dice and play with stepping stones with numbers 0 to 6.  Whatever number you roll you have to get the bean bags to land on the numbers that add up to that number.  If the child misses his shot or the numbers don't work out you stick with that number until you manage to make the number.  If the laughing stops either re-roll the dice or finish playing and just play target practice (well, that's what I would do).
Or you could play two dice and play with stepping stones if the child wants to make it harder.  You would have to have stepping stones with the numbers 0 to 10 written on them for that.
Game 3:
Times tables!  Using whatever stepping stones you like, at least 5 of them (zero is a good one for this game as 0 times anything is zero as all us adults know).  Now when the child throws the bean bags they multiply two numbers it lands on.
There are many more varients that can be played but I hope you enjoy playing with bean bags and making sums.
You may want to write the sums down somewhere like this:
Honi found this a very enjoyable way of getting her Maths done this morning!

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