Wednesday 6 March 2013

Science: Magma Temperature

Magma Temperature!


 What you will need:
An empty clean jam jar
Margarine or butter
A large bowl
Hot water
A stop watch
What you will need to do:


Make sure that your margarine, or butter, is cold. Out of a fridge is best. 

With a teaspoon scoop out a bit of the margarine and drop it in the jar so that it falls to the bottom of the jar. 


Pick up the jar and tilt it slightly.  What do you notice? (it should hardly move)


Now fill the large bowl with hot water about a litre should do gently and carefully swill it about so it warms the bowl.


Pick up the jar and place it in the water for 1 minute.  Use the stopwatch to time it.  Take it out and tilt it?  What happens? Does it move?
Put the jar back in for another minute and look at it again.  Repeat this for another few minutes, checking ever minute and, if you like, logging your results.
This experiment shows us how the rocks in the upper mantle of the earth heats up and begins to melt.

  • What do you notice when you tilt the jar with the cold margarine in it?
  • (write or draw your answer)
  • What happened to the margarine after 1 minute in the hot water?
    (again write or draw your answer)
  • What  happened after the second minute?
  • What happened after the 3rd minute?
  • What happened after the 4th Minute?
  • What happened after the 5th minute?

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