Monday 16 December 2013

Nativity puppets on a stick

Last night I finished off making the templates for these Lolly Pop Nativity puppets...
We already had our angel made, you can see how make one here: Make An Angel Puppet on A Stick.  We also had a sheep we made in spring that we used, you can see how to make one of those here: A Simple Sheep Craft.
For the Shepherds, the three Kings, Mary and Joseph I made up these Free Downloads for Nativity templates
How we did this project...

I put pens, pencils, crayons, glue, googly eyes and glitter on the table and left them all colouring in the templates...

We stuck the templates onto some card.
We Carefully cut round the templates

We stuck a lolly pop stick on the back with some PVA glue.

I also glued a lolly pop stick to the back of the sheep.
We then left them to dry ready for tomorrow when we are going to have our own mini Nativity play with them.  My 6 year old is the most excited!

1 comment:

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