Monday 12 May 2014

Easy Biology Experiments

This is where to find all of An Ordinary Life's EASY biology science experiments.

These experiments are a safe and great way to introduce science to young children, it is also for older children to experiment with at an easy level independently.

I do try to include explanations to how and why each experiment works the way it does in each post.

If you enjoy my activities on here, please follow me and share with everyone.  Thank you.

Make a working mechanical hand and learn how tendons work.

Make a model of a bone

Play dough feet - a hands on way to learn about the bones in your feet!

Bendy Bones!  How to make a real bone go all bendy!
How are bones so strong?

What is blood made up of?

Jelly snake Osmosis - Osmosis occurs in the body so why not introduce what and how it works with this fun experiment.


Worm Farms - an easy way to make your own worm farm and learn a bit about where those old leaves go!


The science behind yeast


Egg Carton plant pots

Cress Egg Heads

How to clone plants

Seeds for science

How do plants drink water?

Osmosis in Plants

Osmosis and diffusion using eggs


  1. I love how much of a variety of experiments you have, my daughter and I are going to have so much fun working through these :D

    1. That's great to hear Emily. I am always posting new experiments, we do love our science in this house! :D x

  2. We've done the hands and feet and today we did the model of a bone one.......thank you. Just browsing to see what we can do next !

    1. Thank you! How lovely to hear that! I hope you continue to enjoy my experiments and projects x