Monday 12 May 2014

Harder Physics Experiments

This is where I am keeping all my Physics experiments and projects aimed more at preteens and teenagers.  If you're looking for some practical science that is a little more challenging have a look.  I also have a Chemistry and Biology page full of harder science experiments coming soon too!


Insulation - The Hot Chocolate experiment - possible the most fun and yummiest experiment EVER!

photo credit: Things to do on a rainy day


Cloud in a bottle - learn how clouds are made by making one of your own!

How wind works

Potential ENERGY!

Lolly pop Chain reaction!  One of the most FUN experiments on here!  This is a step by step tutorial on how to make the cobra weave with all the scientific explanation to answer those questions your young person has to ask!

Watch the video to see how cool this project really is!


Spool cars - Make your own spool car...


Rising water experiment - More on vacuums!


Rocket science - Make your own rocket!

Diet coke and Mentos explosion! - possibly the most fun explosive action you can get at home!

Architecture and the science behind it...

Geotechnical engineering - learning about foundations of buildings...

I have put this one about geodesic domes on my easy and hard experiments page, it is simply because if done independently there is more to be learnt but this is really more for older children about 9 years plus as it is fiddly.


Skyscrapers! - The science of skyscrapers

How to squeeze a hardboiled egg into a bottle

Self crushing can experiment

Vacuum in a glass

How to turn a glass of water upside down without spilling it in three easy steps

Learning about Aerodynamics

Aerodynamics - This covers flight - How aeroplanes fly and fun experiments to try as well as links to science websites.

Feathers - This explains a bit more how feathers work and the different feather types.  It also contains a couple of quick experiments.

Flight - How birds fly and how we use nature to make flying machines!

Gravity- the gravity test!

How do wings work? - make your own aerofoil.

Propellers - make your own propeller toy and learn how they work!

How a kite flies!

How to make a sled kite

Make a spinner - learn the basics about propellers.  Great for little and big hands.

Turbines - make a simple turbine


Boat Races

Electromagnet - Make your own

Electric shocks!

LED booklight (or anything else you want it for) - A really useful science project to try.

Lemon battery powered clock

Light bulbs - make your own

Motor - make your own simple motor
Motor powered by sound

Learning about Light and colours

Light - making white light with glow sticks

Measuring the Speed of Light

Pinhole Camera - How to make your own - best on a very bright sunny day!

Vortex Cannon - Make your own vortex cannon that creates smoke rings!

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