Sunday 11 May 2014

Easy Chemistry Experiments

This is where to find all of An Ordinary Life's EASY chemistry science experiments.
These experiments are a safe and great way to introduce science to young children, it is also for older children to experiment with at an easy level independently.

I do try to include explanations to how and why each experiment works the way it does, some old posts still need updating, I am getting round to that.

If you enjoy my activities on here, please follow me and share with everyone.  Thank you.


Acids and Alkalis Test - An experiment simple enough for little hands and can be made interesting enough for older children too.  Check it out!

Copper plate your iron nails experiment - An easy experiment without the aide of electromagnets

Ice marbles - Making ice marbles is a cool thing to try no matter what age you are!

How to make a Glitter Gel

How to make super Stretchy Play Dough!

Paper Chromatography

Chromatography butterflies

Food Science

Butter making - great for more on emulsions

Curdling milk

Corn Flour Slime

Diet Coke and Mentos experiment! Possibly the best explosion ever!

Fireworks in a glass!

Make a Lava Lamp - this is another fun way of explaining about density and buoyancy!

How to make an egg bounce

Magic Milk - colourful milk experiment

Osmosis - using jelly sweets to learn about how osmosis works.

Painting with ice

Painting with salt


Play dough  - the science behind it.

Reversible changes - 3 simple experiment to help understand about reversible changes

The science of making Gingerbread Men!

Science behind Making Marshmallows

Yeast:  The science behind yeast

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